The morning: banal and mundane, a knee jerk response. Bed, bathroom, kitchen, door; bed, bathroom, kitchen, door. The next day - bed, bathroom, kitchen, door.

But what if waking up was strange? What if everything feels unfamiliar?

Look closer, think deeper. Feel. What is the morning?

An interdisciplinary performance combining dance, theatre, music, and multimedia, 06:58 attempts to redefine the morning routine through different lenses. It weaves together an unusual performance that is lighthearted and quirky, but also explorative and abstract.

The audience will be invited to a post-show dialogue with the creative team after each performance.

Director: Sim Yan Ying
Music Director: Jay Ong
Movement Director: Ellen Zeng
Multimedia Designer: Khwa Zhong Xuan
Set Designer: Kendrick Tay
Lighting Designer: Ignatius Tan
Sound Artist: Jax Chen
Choreographer: Rachel Gan
Writers: Kendrick Loo, Sim Yan Ying

Production Manager: Beryl Leong
Stage Managers: Esther Wong, Yee Isabelle
Technical Manager: Toh Wen Fang

Performers: Rachel Gan, Jay Ong, Lim Shien Hian, Ellen Zeng, Esther Wong

18-20 August 2016, 8pm
20 August 2016, 3pm

The Substation Gallery


About The Rooftop Collective:
The Rooftop Collective is an interdisciplinary collective founded in 2016. It brings together young people interested in exploring the potential dialogue between art forms – how they can inform, merge with, and react to each other in an organic way. Embarking on a long-term experimental process, we hope to devise and refine a methodology for interdisciplinary art creation, and stage accessible and relatable works.

The Rooftop Collective strives to harness the power of collaboration, the essence of each art form and the possibilities from their interaction to create a truly unique discourse.

Venue Partner: The Substation
Supported By: National Arts Council Matchbox Grant

Please direct any queries to therooftopcollective@outlook.com

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Aug 18 - Aug 20, 2016
[ Thu ] - [ Sat ]
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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20th Aug 2016 8PM SOLD OUT $22.00
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